The Globins,s.r.o. company operates as an independent fiscal agent in the sphere of insurance or security,  according to the Decision of the National Bank of Slovakia No. ODT-10601/2013-1, dated 14th October 2013 and performs mediation of insurance based on contracts with many insurance  companies present on the Slovak insurance market by provision  of the act No. 186/2009 Coll. on Financial Intermediation and Financial Counselling and on amendments and supplements to certain laws . We provide services and counselling in insurance of companies and citizens, their property and all what can be covered by insurance.

We are able to offer a wide spectrum of products from insurance companies:

  • motor vehicle insurance
  • insurance of entrepreneurs
  • property insurance
  • travel insurance
  • life and accident insurance

We will make  a made-to-measure contract for you, find the most convenient insurance company and choose an optimal product. We are independent of all insurance companies, what is important because we don’t protect the interests of an insurance company, but the interests of the customer.The complex insurance service for our customers is free and includes:

  • evaluation of gathered information and settings for the insurance
  • revision and analysis of existing insurance contracts
  • design or assurance of risk study and insurance plan
  • elaboration of insurance contract suggestion and securing the agreement of a insurance contract with a selected insurance company
  • monitoring of the proper arrangement of the stipulated risks, update of insurance contracts according to the real condition of the property for the whole period of its validity
  • assistance with the elimination of insured events 
  • provision of guidance in all matters regarding insurance related to all administered and future insurance contracts


The third-party liability insurance protects you or another person – driver, who at the time of the accident is eligible to use your vehicle and responds to a third party for the damage caused by the operation of the motor vehicle.

The collision insurance of your vehicle means its security in the case of damage, destruction, robbery or events caused by forces of nature. We will put your insurance together from the basic insurance and the optional supplemental insurance.

GAP – the financial loss insurance covers the difference between the purchase value (purchase price) and the general value (price of the car before the insured event) of a vehicle, whereby the insurance period can be set up to 5 years.


A personal or legal entity is responsible for the damage they cause to somebody else. Such liability for damage results from the law for all minor or average legal entities and personal entities running a business irrespective of the infliction. We will gladly make you an offer for an insurance product in such cases. The advantage of such product is its complexity and variability allowing an optimal insurance cover within one insurance contract.



The insurance of your property and the avoidance of unnecessary problems by its restoration after an insured event is part of the attendance of your high-class accommodation in a nice flat or a furnished family house. An unexpected event can cause complications. According to your needs and possibilities we will recommend you an adequate type of insurance and risk coverage of your family house, flat, cottage, accessory building, household and liability for damage. We will arrange for you the chosen life insurance with the respective insurance company.



Travel insurance is nowadays an inevitable part of almost every journey. By choosing the most convenient travel insurance for you we will consider your personal needs and possibilities. According to this we fit the conditions and lower the risks, so you will have a full protection during your journey. We arrange the selected travel insurance with the respective insurance company.



In accordance with the analysis of your needs, possibilities and priorities we will help you to choose the most suitable life insurance and set the optimal cover of risks. It is important that the life insurance provide you and your loved ones with financial security in the case of an unfortunate event or difficult life situations. We will arrange for you the chosen life insurance with the respective insurance company.


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